Video: Sanlian Fishing Village
News source:hiHainan / By Lin Jianing, Cai Rong / 01 09,2021 13:36:59 / others

Sanlian Village, located on the northeast side of Xinbu Island, is the closest fishing village to downtown Haikou. Even though Xinbu Island has been developing rapidly, Sanlian Village still remains a fishing village. In the past, most of the villagers here made their living by fishing.

In recent years, the villagers saw an obvious decline in the numbers of fish in their catch. Though the fisherman worked hard, their nets were usually filled with small, worthless fish and shrimp. The traditional fishing skills that have been passed down from generation to generation are now no longer effective, and have been gradually replaced by modern machines.

Now, the Fishermen's Leisure and Cultural Square and a Tourist Service Center have been set up in Sanlian Village. In the near future, more sup-porting facilities such as the Mazu Cultural and Sports Park and a Fishing Theme Park will be opened to the public as well. 

Sanlian Fishing Village is planning to build a Haikou Leisure Fishery Cultural Experience Center and become one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Hainan.

In the Sanlian Village, fishing boats line the shore.(Li Hao)

When the tide is out, fisherman repair their nets and boats on the dock.(Li Hao)

Fishermen busy unloading their catch.(Li Hao)

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