5G medical devices revolutionize Hainan village healthcare
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On January 5, in the clinic in Haorui Village, Banqiao Town, Dongfang, 65-year-old grandpa Ye experienced the clinic’s newly equipped smart 5G medical equipment for the first time. 

"I can have follow-up appointments in this clinic, just a stone’s throw away from my house now. That’s so convenient," said Ye. Before the arrival of these devices, Ye had to visit Haikou to receive treatment for his mild heart problems, which took him almost three hours each time.

(Photo by Hou Sai)
On November 18, 2020, Hainan launched a program bringing portable ultrasound devices, eye fundus cameras, fetus monitors, and other medical devices to primary health institutions (township hospital and village clinics) in order to improve their medical facilities. The program covers 19 county hospitals, 300 township health centers & farm hospitals, as well as over 2,500 village clinics. Advanced medical resources such as remote diagnosis and a 5G first-aid system are now available in previously underserved rural areas.

(Photo by Hou Sai)
"These devices are really handy.  I’m about to retire, but I’ve learned how to use them!"said Su Dihai, a 54-year-old doctor from Haorui Village.

"Villagers don’t bother traveling to big cities to go to the hospital anymore. They can receive both diagnosis and treatment in their own village clinics. That’s both time-saving and cost-effective," said Fu Yongquan, a doctor from Hulu Village, Donglu Town, Wenchang.

These devices, however bring many more benefits. The technology also allows medical professionals to conduct intelligent analysis of chronic diseases and high-risk diseases for local village residents, so that critical illnesses can be prevented.

In addition, health records will be automatically established when patients swipe their ID cards. These files can be accessed by village doctors to follow up on the villagers’ health status, allowing local residents to enjoy more comprehensive and accurate treatment.

The project to improve the clinical capacity of primary health institutions in Hainan Province has seen excellent initial results— remote diagnosis, intelligent medical treatment, and advanced first-aid facilities are no longer beyond the reach of people living in the countryside.  

(Photo by Bo Lin)

This year, Hainan plans to build a comprehensive 5G network covering the entire province, achieving full 5G coverage in primary health institutions by the end of 2021.

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