A tree on Haikou’s Baishamen Park Beach goes viral
News source:hiHainan / By Li Xiang / 01 05,2021 17:04:38 / others

Recently, a tree growing alone on Haikous Baishamen Park Beach went viral, with photos and videos shared widely online.


The tree is a Beach Casuarina, also known as an Ironwood Tree, a saline-tolerant tree species often used in coastal afforestation and are widely grown in Hainan. Thats why this hardy little tree can survive so close to the sea.

As for why the tree went viral, some people say that this single, solitary tree, growing alone against the austere background of the beach and the sea, presents a scene of unique, windswept beauty. Others feel inspired by the tree, flourishing even when facing difficult conditions. Maybe we can all learn something from the Baishamen Beach tree. Why not visit and see if you feel inspired, as well?



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