Panda brothers celebrate two years in Hainan
News source:hiHainan / By Cai Rong / 11 23,2020 23:14:00 / others

Gong Gong and Shun Shun had a fun-filled weekend!

For starters, the panda brothers had more visitors at Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park, in time for the Hainan Island Carnival.

But more importantly, the Sichuan duo celebrated their second year in Hainan province!

Panda brothers entertain visitors. (Wang Chengxian)

Gong Gong and Shun Shun feasted on their favorite snacks such as grapes and bamboo shoots.

And when not eating, the two played with toys or lazed around.

“I could watch the pandas all day, they’re so cute! I try to come whenever I can,” Chen Baichuan, a visitor to the park, said.

So, how happy are the brothers in Hainan?

Well these days, Gong Gong and Shun Shun can often be seen lounging in the sun, drinking coconut water—like true Hainanese.

Now, let's review the old photos of the panda brothers.

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