Pics | The Tropical Buddhist Park of Nanshan, Sanya in Winter
News source:hiHainan / By Shan Yuheng / 11 20,2020 19:30:00 / others

Nanshan, China’s southernmost mountain, is located 40 minutes southwest of Sanya. Nanshan is famous for not only its excellent air quality and lush forests, but also the park’s Buddhist culture. Nanshan Temple is a renowned Buddhist mecca in the south of China. The religious and cultural features of the park, together with the stunning coastal landscape make Nanshan a unique travel destination attracting tens of thousands of visitors from around the world every year.

Nanshan is a 5A ranked tourist destination. With a beautiful natural environment, Nanshan functions as not only a tourist destination, but also as a sanctuary for local people to replenish their spirits and nourish their bodies.

Lotus pond in Nanshan Park (Sha Xiaofeng)
Playful little windmills on the lawn attract kids of all ages.(Sha Xiaofeng)

Feeding koi fish at Nanshan Temple (Sha Xiafeng)

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