Hainan Culture: Dongfang boasts the world's largest dragon fruit agricultural base
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin / 11 20,2020 19:26:34 / others

Adjacent to Limu Mountain, Dongfang, a city in southwestern Hainan province, boasts the world's largest dragon fruit agricultural base due to the areas year-round sunny climate.

Dongfang City has made full use of its many geographical advantages in developing a localized form of modern tropical agriculture, and now produces the worlds best-selling dragon fruit, which is grown through green, ecological, organic farming methods. A dragon fruit company in Dongfang was approved as a national agricultural standard demonstration zone, the only place in the entire province of Hainan to receive this honor!

Rich in nutrients and strikingly colorful, the lightly sweet dragon fruit has many health benefits as well, reducing blood sugar and cholesterol and enhancing the body's metabolism. Have you tried a Hainan dragon fruit yet? You should!

In addition, Dongfang City has developed a tropical flower industry growing orchids, and is creating a distinctive local agricultural brand.

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