Hainan Culture: Danzhou Diaosheng Folk Music
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Danzhou Diaosheng (literally meaning rhyming sounds), is a genre of ancient, traditional folk song and dance only found in Danzhou City, in northwestern Hainan Province, China. The lyrics, which are mostly about the pursuit of love and the happiness of life, are sung in the local Danzhou dialect.  The lively rhythms and beautiful melodies of this musical style are a true treat for the ears! Danzhou Diaosheng is usually performed by young men and women dressed in brightly colored folk costumes, standing in a circle or face to face in two rows, and the songs are accompanied by dance moves which include rhythmic hand waving, stepping, and swaying from side to side.


Due to Danzhous rich history and vibrant folk culture, many of the local people have learned from a young age to sing and dance well, giving the city the name the Town of Chinese Folk Art. Another honor was added to the citys crown when in 2006 Danzhou Diaosheng was included on the  National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China.

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