Hainan Museum Creates Creative Edible Cultural Products
News source:hiHainan / By Shan Yuheng / 11 19,2020 19:00:22 / others

On the evening of Nov. 18th, the Hainan Museum held an event promoting creative cultural products. The most interesting products exhibited at the event were the “edible cultural artifact” desserts.  The first theme was “Sailing in the Ancient South China Sea”, featuring tasty treats in the form of ships in the South China Sea in ancient times, while the second theme, “Tropical Island”, involved Li Totems and Hainan landscapes fashioned out of coconut, pandan leaf, and salted lemon.

 The “eatable ship” made of chocolate and sea salt (Wang Chengxian)

Creative beaverage made of tropical fruit juice (Wang Chengxian)

“I really wanted to try the new creative desserts but I came too late.” Miss Wang, a citizen of Haikou said, “The creative products promoted by the Hainan Museum are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, such as this perfumed satchel inspired by the blessing of the sheep in traditional Chinese culture.

The curator of the Hainan Museum explained that the purpose of designing a new form of creative cultural product is to discover a new avenue of marketing. The museum will continue to design and make more eye-opening products in order to promote the history and culture of Hainan.

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