Uruguay establishes football club in Hainan
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On November 18, the National Secretary of Sports of Uruguay and the Embassy of Uruguay in China signed a partnership with Global Magellan Cultural Sports Events & Auction Limited to launch three organizations in Hainan — the Uruguay Football Club, the Latin Culture & Training Center, and the Latin Auction Center.

Uruguay and Hainan will work together to promote competitive sports, group sports, and the overall sports industry of Hainan. Uruguay will send football coaches to Hainan to coach children and youth. They will also organize sports activities & cultural exchange programs for the people of Hainan, promote the sports and cultural industry of Uruguay, and participate in the China International Consumer Products Expo by building a Uruguay football stadium.

Fernando Lugris, the Ambassador of Uruguay, shared his vision of the collaboration. He believes the partnership will bring the peoples of China and Uruguay much closer together.

“We hope to provide opportunities for our young people to get trained in football with Uruguay coaches, learn Spanish, appreciate Latin art and learn about the rich culture of the Latin world. Through our partnership, we are excited to value add to Hainan as a world class tourism, cultural, sports and auction destination,” said Fernando Lugris.

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