Yangpu Port: 1st local company opens international shipping line
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On the morning of October 29, 2020, the 1,200 TEU “AS FLORA” container ship set sail from Yangpu Port, Hainan, marking the successful opening of the Port’s first international shipping line (the China-Vietnam SHX line) by a local company, Zoomlion Shipping. The opening of this international shipping line will further expand transportation channels between Hainan and Southeast Asia, providing better conditions for more enterprises to open Hainan locations.

The China-Vietnam SHX shipping line

(Administration Committee of the Yangpu Economic Development Zone)

Zoomlion Shipping is the first international shipping enterprise in Hainan to open an international shipping line since the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port began, as well as the second enterprise to open international shipping lines in Hainan, with COSCO Shipping being the first.

According to Huang Peng, a member of the Yangpu Economic Development Zone Work Committee and director of the Transportation and Ocean Bureau of the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, the opening of this international shipping line will facilitate international trade at Yangpu Port, lay a solid foundation for Yangpu Port to become a crucial junction connecting China with the ASEAN region, and serve as a milestone for local shipping enterprises in Hainan opening international shipping lines.

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