Volunteers Needed to Protect the Hainan Gibbon
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The Hainan Gibbon Conservation Volunteer Association is now recruiting volunteers and calling on more people to learn about and join the team to protect the Hainan Gibbon. They need your help!

The Hainan Gibbon (Nomascus hainanus) is a flagship species unique to the tropical rainforest in Hainan. These amazing creatures are found nowhere else on earth!! The current population is only 33 gibbons in 5 family groups. The Hainan Gibbon is a national Class I key protected species and has been assessed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The species is estimated to be at high risk of complete extinction in the 21st century. Primates are far more endangered than the Chinese “national treasures” the well known giant pandas and crested ibis, and are called “mankind’s loneliest near relatives”. The living conditions of the gibbon directly reflect the health of the rainforest ecosystem, which means that safeguarding their home and increasing their numbers have direct benefits to the rainforest ecosystem.

Are you ready to volunteer? You will participate in surveying, monitoring, field surgery examinations, and more hands-on field work as well as conducting Hainan Gibbon science promotions, nature education, and other activities. Volunteers will share community volunteer service activities benefitting the Hainan Gibbons, participate in Hainan Gibbon & Hainan tropical rainforest national park protection, and join other related activities.

Interested in learning more about what you can do to help? Log on to the official website of the Hainan National Park Research Institute (https://www.hinp.org.cn/notice/show/id/48) to download an application form, and send your application materials to keyan@hinp.org.cn. The title of the email should follow this pattern: "Hainan Gibbon Conservation Volunteer Recruitment Registration-Name-Contact Number". Applicants will receive acceptance information by email. The Hainan Gibbons thank you!

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