Haikou marks White Cane Safety Day
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More than 150 individuals turned up for the screening of the barrier-free movie. (Han Xing)

White Cane Safety Day is observed worldwide on Oct. 15 to promote awareness of the achievements of the blind or visually impaired. This year, Haikou marked the occasion with an outing and a movie screening.

Around 30 visually impaired people went on a field trip on Oct. 13, organized by the Haikou Blind Association. Through touch and sound, they got to appreciate Guilinyang National Tropical Agriculture Park and Yanfeng Mangrove Nature Reserve.

On Oct. 15, the Hainan Disable Persons’ Federation held a movie screening in a barrier-free mode, which provides detailed audio description for each scene. More than 150 individuals turned up for “Leap,” based on an inspirational true story of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.

“The spirit of women’s volleyball team was truly moving!” said Wong Ben hua, who can only perceive light and shadow. “The audio descriptions were useful and entertaining.” For many, it was their first time out to the movies.

A visually-impaired reader is reading braille books. (Han Xing)

For some culture and entertainment, the visually impaired in Hainan usually head to the Hainan Library. The public library offers a reading room with more than 2,000 braille books, 100 periodicals and 50,000 hours of audio books. It also has text reading devices, braille printers and typewriters.

“We often organize braille reading clubs and training programs, which are quite popular,” said Lin Jiaya, the deputy director of the Hainan Library's Information and Consulting Department.

Wu Hailong, the chairman of the Hainan Association of the Blind, has called for more initiatives and resources. “Every bit of progress is an inspiration that brings hope to the visually impaired,” said Wu.

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