Hainan begins cocoa export to EU
News source:hiHainan / By Gan Zixin / 10 16,2020 15:49:04 / others

In yet another milestone, Hainan Province has completed its first export of cocoa beans to a member country of the European Union. 500 kilograms of Reyin-4 cocoa worth 3,044 euros (3561 dollars) was recently shipped to Belgium via the Shanghai Yangshan Port.

New cocoa variety: Reyin-4

Reyin-4 was bred by a team of scientists at the Spice and Beverage Crops Research Institute (SBCRI) of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS), located in Haikou, Hainan. The SBCRI conserves more than 500 cocoa germplasm samples from 28 countries. From the collection, the researchers used systematic breeding and artificial hybridization techniques to produce Reyin-4.

Also credited to the SBCRI are hybrids such as ZYP-6-8, BGL-22-2 and Xiangke-1, recognized for their superior quality and flavors by the prestigious Cocoa of Excellence Programme.

Hainan is the northernmost region in the world to cultivate cocoa. "We’ll produce the finest original flavors by tapping into the province’s unique climate and ecological conditions, as well as our free trade port policies," said Hao Chaoyun, the deputy director of SBCRI. In doing so, the institute hopes to see Hainan become a major global producer and exporter of cocoa.

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