Four top business jet operators to set up in Haikou
News source:hihainan / By Gan Zixin / 10 15,2020 21:47:26 / others

Aerial view of Haikou Jiangdong New Area. (Hainan Daily/Zhang Mao)

Four major Chinese business jet companies have agreed to set up operations in Hainan’s Haikou Jiangdong New Area. Asia’s fastest growing industry leader Sino Jet signed its strategic agreement in June, while Deer Jet, Business Aviation Asia Limited and Lily Jet concluded theirs on Oct. 13.

The Haikou Jiangdong New Area has been promoting its free trade policies and proximity to Meilan International Airport to attract business jet providers and their respective operations ranging from maintenance bases to jet delivery centers. The special zone hopes to become an airport hub for Southeast Asia and the world.

About Sino Jet

Founded in 2011, Sino Jet specializes in aircraft management and high-end charter travel. It operates more than 40 internationally-registered jets, including Boeing BBJs and Gulfstream G650s, from its headquarters in Beijing and Hong Kong.

About Deer Jet

Deer Jet is China’s first business aircraft management company. Since 1995, it has offered a one-stop service from aircraft procurement to flight and ground support. Deer Jet has traveled through more than 700 airports in 170 countries.

About Business Aviation Asia Limited

Registered in Guangdong province in 2007, Business Aviation Asia Limited delivers high-level aviation management services. With 12 bases in China, BAA flies Airbus 318s and Gulfstream G550s across the Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas.

About Lily Jet

Incorporated in 2005, Shenyang-based Lily Jet provides business jet acquisition and management among other technical services. Currently, it operates a fleet of 14 aircraft, mainly Bombardiers domestically.

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