China’s largest carrier ship enters Yangpu Port, China
News / By Nicki Johnson / 09 23,2020 15:52:53 / others

On the morning of September 23, COSCO’s 319,000 ton ship “Yuan Hua Yang” completed registration, marking the official entry of China’s largest carrier ship into China’s Yangpu Port.

The “Yuan Hua Yang” is classed as a VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) type of super-large tanker, with a total weight of 167,168 tons, it has a carrying capacity of 319,000 tons and can travel over 26,000 nautical miles, a navigational scope that covers the entire globe. With a design draft of 20.5 meters, the ship can normally load 2,200,000 barrels of crude oil.

In the three months since the publication of the Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, China’s Yangpu Port international shipping registry construction policy dividends are being progressively meted out, increasingly strengthening the Port’s appeal. According to statistics, registration of single ship tonnage went from June’s 60,000 tons, to August’s 150,000 tons, to September’s 300,000 tons, achieving a three-fold jump in three months. The Hainan Free Trade Port’s shipping capacity has moved into the development fast lane.

Currently, Hainan has comprehensively opened up and cleared away all blockages between departments handling shipping credentials, achieving mutually-integrated, seamlessly connected intercommunicating government affairs services and efficient operation. 17 types of ship registration certificates of maritime documents, including ship title registration certificates, ship nationality certificates, can all be issued on the spot on the same day that the ship construction is complete and the application is made.

The Maritime Affairs Department will also further explore and refine shipping registration “One Item Handling” in order to make the shipping registration process fast, convenient, and efficient, researching comprehensive, practical “Cancellation of Ship Registration Main Foreign Investment Ration Restrictions” and “Progressively Reducing Ship Statutory Inspections” as well as related shipping policies.

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