Portraits of Happiness from Poverty Alleviation
News source:hihainan.info / By Gan Zixin and Ding Xin / 09 23,2020 15:25:00 / others

Happiness is said to be only real when shared.

Showcased at the third annual 2020 Farmer’s Harvest Festival in Ding’an County of Hainan Province is a photo exhibition titled“Happiness in Farmland, Bright Future in Ding’an”.

Poverty Alleviation Cadre Zeng Haiyi (Left) and Ding’an farmer Wang Tingjin (Right).

Ding'an farmer Wang Wenke. 

Ding’an Poverty Alleviation Star Chen Lili.

Ding’an farmer Chen Meimei.

The exhibit features a group of photos of local farmers expressing their true happiness from good harvest and poverty alleviation in various fun forms. From a farmer singing in the field using a corn as a microphone to another cradling a jackfruit as her child, each and every picture is unique and stops viewers in their tracks. There’s even a photo of farmers-turned-boxers wearing Chinese sticky rice dumpling “Zongzi” gloves!

If you’re looking to lift your spirits, be sure to check out this display at one of these four farmlands around Ding'an County until October 8. Be sure to stop by for shots of happiness!

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