HIMC invites Ruslan Tulenov to be the Overseas Communication Officer
News source:Hihainan / By Lin Jianing / 09 22,2020 18:03:00 / others

(Hainan International Media Center granted Ruslan the letter of appointment. Photo by Li Qingfang)

On September 22, Hainan International Media Center invited Ruslan Tulenov to be the Overseas Communication Officer, and granted Ruslan the letter of appointment.

Ruslan Tulenov, a 28-year old youngster from Kazakhstan, now is the Information Promotion Office Director, the Global Media Officer and the Russian Service Officer of the International Economic Development Bureau of Hainan Free Trade Port, China. In addition to contacting and serving global investors interested in Hainan Free Trade Port, Ruslan is also obliged to promote Hainan overseas through social platforms.  

Rulsan has been actively promoting Hainan Province and China to the world, building a bridge connecting Hainan and the rest of the world. As one of the representative narrators of the recommended industries in 12 major fields, he travelled to Beijing on August 1 to film a promotion video of the International Service Trade Fair. Recently, under his assistance, an Ireland enterprise Bonflict is going to register in Hainan. In light of his great effort, Ruslan was invited to become the Overseas Communication Officer of Hainan International Media Centre (HIMC), serving for three years.

Ruslan said he was quite “happy and honored” to become Hainan Culture Ambassador. He believed the experience that he has accumulated in the International Economic Development Bureau will “help HIMC to promote Hainan in the way of economic and investment attraction.” He will put all his enthusiasm and all his effort to promote Hainan Isand.

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