What is autumn like in Hainan?
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In the blink of an eye, the journey of 2020 has come to the harvest season- autumn. Speaking of autumn in Hainan, some people may wonder: "Hainan also has autumn? You are teasing me!" Why not?

The autumn in Hainan is not as hot as Hainan’s summer, but quite cozy and refreshing.

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays are coming. Why not enjoy cool autumn in Hainan by self-driving?

You can go to Fenjiezhou Island to take beautiful wedding photos along the seacoast.↓

Go camping in Jianfengling Tropical Mountain Rainforest of the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park.

Go to Wuzhishan Red Canyon for drifting.↓

Go surfing in the small fishing village of Houhai.↓

You can go to Wuzhishan to enjoy the forest and autumn scenery.↓

You can also try the tasty green crab in Hainan! ↓

At this time, islanders in Hainan can still wear summer clothes to go to the night market for a barbecue at night.

Why not come to Hainan to experience different autumn this holiday!

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