Hainan Evening Expedition Recommendations
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When the sun sets in the west, the sea breezes carry a touch of cool, slowly dissipating the hustle, bustle, and heat from the island, and heralding the arrival of the most comfortable time of the day. Here, you can always have a fascinating evening, no matter which kind of evening expedition you choose.

Trendy, Fun Expeditions to Tourist Attractions 

Sanya’s Haichang Fantasy Town, a popular evening destination, features a dreamlike ferris wheel, dolphin interactive shows, luminous parade floats, and other rich and colorful performances where you can relax in the lively, cheerful atmosphere and enjoy the Hainan Island nightlife.

In addition, Boundary Island, Lingshui; Daidai Island, Lingshui; Mission Hills Movie Town, Haikou, and other tourist attractions have begun to operate on a 24-hour basis with night diving, camping, light shows, and other evening entertainment waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to experience these completely different night views for yourself!

Night diving at the Boundary Island, Lingshui. (Photo / Tian Cai)

Evening at the Mission Hills Movie Town, Haikou. (Photo / Weng Zhenji) 

Foodie Expeditions at Night Markets

Hainan’s bustling night markets feature all different kinds of food, including Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles, Vinegar Soup,  and Qingbuliang, a sweet dessert soup. In the past two years, Haikou has been committed to creating a new tourism model of “night market + tourism”. More than 10 special night fairs have been built, including Fudi Food Street, Jinpan Night Market, Hainan University South Gate Night Market, and Haiken Garden Night Market. These “late night eateries” have become another landmark Haikou, reflecting the local food culture.

Fudi Food Street. (Photo: Hainan Daily)

Jinpan Night Market.(Photo: Hinews)

Qingbuliang, a Hainan specialty at the night market. (Photo: Hinews)

Grilled oysters, a Hainan specialty at the night market. (Photo: Hinews)

Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles, a Hainan specialty at the night market. (Photo: Hinews)

Performance Expedition

Sanya’s Romance Park tells the legend of Hainan Island, with large-scale live-action performances of the “Red Detachment of Women”, which tells the story of the revolution in Hainan. You will also be captivated by the mysterious ocean legend  told in the Atlantis C show, a large-scale water-ground-air show. In addition, the Strawberry Music Festival, the Sanya International Music Festival, and concerts performed by pop stars can also make you feel the charm of this sleepless city.

A dreamlike water curtain show at the Atlantis Night Carnival, Sanya. (Photo / Feng Shuo)

Singers performing at Atlantis Hotel, Sanya. (Photo / Feng Shuo)

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