Sanya to carry out Sanya Bay Function Improvement Project
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In order to improve support for the Asian Beach Games, improve the regional landscape, and meet the needs of people’s sports and leisure life, Sanya will invest 93.55 million yuan in the Sanya Bay Function Improvement Project. 

Sanya Bay Function Improvement Project diagram. (Actual location shall be based on the real position.)

The Sanya Bay Function Improvement Project is located close to downtown Sanya, on the south green belt bordering Sanya Bay Road. It covers the area from Yuhai Road in the west to Bridgehead Park, Phoenix Island in the east (Yuhai Road - Haipo Liuheng Lane - Haihong Square - Haiyue Square - Bridgehead Park, Phoenix Island). The project is about 15 kilometers in length and about 50 meters in average width . The project is a coastal linear park with a total planning area of 75 hectares.

Design sketch of the night view of the renovated square. 

The Sanya Bay Function Improvement Project will repair and link the current slow-walking path with a fitness track to meet the citizens’ daily fitness needs. About 10,000 meters of fitness track is planned to be improved and repaired, and about 5,480 meters of fitness track will be linked, which will measure 2.5 meters in width, and cover an approximate total area of 38,700 square meters. About 2,500 meters of slow-walking paths are slated to be repaired and about 2,500 meters of slow-walking paths will be linked, which will measure 2 meters in width and cover an approximate total area of 10,000 square meters. The total area of roads to be repaired and improved for the whole project is 48,700 square meters.

Additionally, the project will increase lighting on the grass, improve grass watering by setting up a “green” watering system, restore and replant vegetation, and more. The planned vegetation landscape area where green landscapes are to be improved and windbreaks replanted is about 667,300 square meters.

Design sketch of sea access.

Historic blockhouses and street light circuit boxes will be landscaped ( with green plants and art), all manhole covers will be checked, repaired. and landscaped, architecture refurbished, repaired, and landscaped, and eight squares along the linear park will be landscaped and repaired, including Haiyue Square and Haihong Square, which will be the focus of construction. Haiyue Square and Haihong Square, two of the eight scenic activity squares, are planned to be comprehensively repaired, with a total area of 14,500 square meters (The area of Haiyue Square is about 10,000 square meters, while Haihong Square is about 4,500 square meters.).

Design sketch of the renovated Haihong Square.

The Sanya Bay Function Improvement Project will also protect and landscape the greenbelt and other facilities in the linear park, improving the landscape and supporting facilities of the sea access. The access will be repaired in 55 places, covering a total area of 7,000 square meters. The parking management system will be improved, and the parking lot pavement will be repaired. The total area of the parking lot which is planned to be upgraded and reconstructed is about 22,000 square meters (including about 1,100 parking spots). Guard rails on landscape platforms will be built. Electrical connectors and capacity of the temporary facilities will be reserved in order to meet the water and electricity needs in the five districts of the Asian Beach Games.

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