Wanning's Fufeng Village: Ancient houses where literacy is inherited
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A villager is drying millet. (Photo by Yang Shizhong)

Fufeng Village is a famous ancient cultural village where you can see  the Xu House, a landmark of the ancient village. During the Qing Dynasty, the ancestors of the Xu family came across the sea to settle in todays Fufeng Village in the Nandao Village Commitee of Wancheng Town, in Wanning City, Hainan. Between 1661-1722, the ancestors of the Xu family constructed these ancient houses which have been preserved down to the present day, and became the most representative Qing Dynasty dwellings in Wanning city.

The spirit of ancient house lies not only in the house but in the people who have lived in the house. The ancient Xu House is also known as the former residence of Xu Dunren. During the Qing Dynasty, Xu Dunren, a native of Fufeng Village, passed the provincial civil service examination, and before that, his grandfather and father also scored high in the examination. Therefore, the Xu family is praised by local people for their literacy and tradition.  

The ancient houses of Fufeng Village. (Photo by Yang Shizhong)

The ancient Xu House is located right in the middle of Fufeng Village, and is composed of eight triangle courtyards covering nearly 2,000 square meters. The old house is very imposing. Although the lintel has faded and become weather-worn after years of wind and rain, the delicate, original pattern on the beam is still clearly visible.

The eight buildings of the ancient Xu House are arranged in two rows. The exterior and interior structure and the shapes of the buildings are similar to each other, while the design of the first building of the first row is particularly excellent. This building uses a wooden pillar frame, with the outer wall covered with red bricks, and 20 round wooden beams support the house. The tops of the wooden beams are carved with patterns and decorated with flying swallows or lotus flowers. The bottoms of the wooden beams incorporate a pedestal of round stones and are carved with patterns. The two ends of the roof beam is carved with the seal characters for "blessing" "longevity", with the rafters designed as  turtle shells, showing an exquisite style.

A corner of Fufeng Village. (Photo by Yang Shizhong)

The design of the ancient Xu House is exquisite, reflecting the wisdom of the ancients and vividly representing the characteristics of Qing Dynasty Wanning dwellings. The ancient house uses high quality wood, and the wall boasts three layers of bricks, with brick joints, a roof ridge, and a sloping edge in the front and back painted with white stone mortar. The whole house is very strong and can effectively resist typhoons.

Chen Xiaojing, a Hainan architectural expert, once visited Fufeng Village. He believed that the residential courtyard of the Xu House, with its exquisite and well-reasoned overall design structure, was a typical Ming and Qing Dynasty architectural style in Hainan, and was also one of the relatively early and more well-preserved existing residential communities.

There are more than 20 dwellings similar to the ancient Xu House, all of which are constructed with red bricks and blue tiles. The whole complex covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters. In 2015, the ancient Xu House was designated by the Hainan Provincial Government as a provincial cultural heritage site.

Overview of Fufeng Village. (Photo by Yang Shizhong)

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