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(The starry sky in Mohao Village, Baisha Nankai Town. Photo by Neng)

As long as time and weather permitting, several photography enthusiasts living in Haikou will go to different parts of Hainan Island to shoot the stars and the Milky Way. They travel mostly in groups but sometimes alone. They get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area, arriving in tranquil places. The central mountainous area of the Island, Danzhou Eman in the west, and Yangshan in the south of Haikou can be the good choices. 

Not long ago, Neng, who works for a company in Haikou, went to the upper reaches of the Nandujiang River in Baisha Gaofeng Town with a group of his friends. They hiked during the day and camped at night. They got up in the early morning to photograph the stars and the Milky Way. To get a more complete picture of the Milky Way, Neng rented a 16mm wide Angle lens online in advance. After returning to Haikou after the holiday, considering that he would shoot stars again in the future, Neng gritted his teeth and bought a new F2.0 fixed aperture and 14mm super large wide-angle lens.

Qingfeng is a senior photographer. In order to get a satisfactory picture of the Milky Way, he climbed the Yingge Ridge six times at night this summer. He once went back at 4am with his clothes drenched by the dew.

(Yingge Ridge under the starry sky. Photo by Qingfeng)

"Before taking pictures of the Milky Way, you ought to check out the horoscope according to the months, so as to know when the Milky Way will appear over the horizon. The summer in Hainan is always with crystal clear sky. So it is a good season to photograph the Milk Way. While from August to October, the typhoon season is coming. It rains a lot and the sky is not very clear. It is very difficult to take a good picture of the Milky Way," said Qingfeng. "The reason why it took so long is that you had to consider different angles and wait for the galaxy to move above the Yingge Ridge."

Being alone in the mountains in the late night, although Qingfeng has to face loneliness and overcome fear, he has captured the beautiful scenery that others have not seen.

(Starry sky. Photo by Qing Feng)

Now and then a sudden animal yelping from the dark hollow made him shuddered. When concentrating on taking photos, footsteps coming from the forest forced him to look back. But he could neither see anything nor turn on the flashlight to examine because the light would affect the quality of the picture.

However, the shining stars that almost could be picked up within reach, the meteors streaking across the horizon, the fireflies flying together as a gold thread fluttering between the trees—all of these seemed to create a fairyland for Qingfeng, where he lingered thousand times.

(Village in tranquil. Photo by Qing Feng)

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