Video | Witness the speed of Hainan Free Trade Port in 100 seconds
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Since the Master Plan for Hainan Free Trade Port Construction was officially released on June 1 this year, the construction of Hainan free trade port has stepped into the new stage of full implementation. Hainan is once again at the frontline of China’s new round of reform. 

At the beginning of the free trade port construction, Hainan island is full of vigor and vitality. Up to now, it has experienced a construction boom and comprehensively promoted the implementation of various policies.

The harbor at Xiaochantan Pier in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone has witnessed continuous increase of foreign trade routes, and the volume of container operations at the port has soared. Yangpu Port of China has entered into the “club” of 100,000-ton giant ships.

The Haikou Harrow International School has been established in the Jiangdong New District, which is committed to creating a model city of the future. The school will provide world-class education and support facilities to nurture top global talent in the headquarters economic zone.

As the pioneer of China's opening up in the medical field, Boao Lecheng pilot zone of international medical tourism has been introducing well-known medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies to the medical system, launching new products that benefit people, and speeding up to build a health care resort.

In this golden Autumn, the construction of Hainan free trade port will keep moving on to embrace a brand-new future.

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