Discovering Mysteries E13: Hidden Nooks
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Location: Yinggeling Area, Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park

In the center of Hainan Island

The Yinggeling Mountain Range extends into the distance

plant life here is abundant and diverse

due to the influence of external factors

scattered throughout the forest there are

holes in trees of many sizes and shapes

these narrow, hidden ecological spaces

are where many forest creatures

find nooks and crannies perfect for their needs

From within a hole in a Java Plum Tree

a white pipe

extends out to the open air

this is the entrance to a hive of stingless bees

the passage is narrow

but the bees swarm through in an orderly fashion

continuously carrying pollen back to the hive

the beehive is sheltered by the tree

allowing the bees to comfortably go about their busy lives

After the rain

exposed tree crannies

begin to accumulate water

dried up tree stumps

are already hollow

freshwater crabs hide in the depths of the water within

occasionally raising their heads to peek out

A hole in a tree trunk holds

a pair of eyes

keeping careful watch

this is the Mossy Frog

it is named for

the moss his bumpy skin resembles

the frog both breeds and hides from predators in the tree’s hole

This tree, snapped by the wind, also has a hole

this section has not yet rotted

and rain will not leak into the nook below

the Rhinocerous Ratsnake can hide inside without worry

and wait for nightfall

from a distance

it looks like a ring of jade embedded in the tree

In these plentiful, varied tree holes

each creature takes what it needs

within these hidden nooks

a story of adaptation and evolution continues to unfold

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