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Recently, the domestic trash sorting has become a hot topic among residents in Hainan. According to the "Implementation Plan for Domestic Trash Sorting in Hainan Province", Haikou, Sanya, Sansha, and Danzhou in Hainan Province will fully implement domestic trash sorting. Haikou officially launched mandatory trash sorting in trial regions on August 1, and mandatory trash sorting in all regions will begin on October 1.

HIMC Guest Host Tommy is interviewing Haikou residents about trash sorting. [Photo/ Chen Yuanneng]

Sorting domestic waste is extremely important. Many common foods such as fruit and melon rinds mix in a way that makes them harder to incinerate. In addition, these and other organic waste combinations make it harder to stabilize the incinerator furnace temperature, which in turn increases the amount of pollution released in the incinerating process. On the other hand, food leftovers, melon and fruit peels, expired food, as well as other biomass waste are resources that can be used to make organic soil. Implementing domestic waste sorting will create a more beautiful island for all of us living in Hainan.

Let's learn how to sort domestic trash! 

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