Retro photos | American journalists' expedition to Hainan in 83 years ago
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On June 26, 1937, Nicol Smith and Leonard Clark, two expedition journalists from the National Geographic Magazine, departed from San Francisco and arrived in Haikou via Hong Kong. Their expedition began in Haikou, and then they visited more than 10 places including Danzhou, Baisha, Baoting, Wuzhishan, etc. In two months, they took hundreds of photographs, shot a 37-minute video, and wrote a vivid travel diary. Thanks to these materials, the mystery of Hainan Island was uncovered to the world. Thus Hainan Island was called by Americans the third "Paradise Island" in the world besides Bali and Honolulu, as well as "one of the most important and beautiful places in the world".

In September 1938, the travel diary written by Nicol Smith and Leonard Clark was published in the National Geographic Magazine, with the title of "Among the Big Knot Lois of Hainan". Their 37-minute black-and-white documentary is now in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Photos in courtesy of Hainan Museum

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