Key industries and places in Hainan take action to ban disposable plastic products
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According to Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, from August to November this year, key industries and places such as the government agencies, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, state-owned enterprises, scenic spots, etc., are taking action to ban disposable plastic products.

Biodegradable disposable tableware made of biodegradable plastic are put on the shelves in a supermarket in Haikou. (Photo by Tan Qi)

Biodegradable plastic bag used in Qionghai People's Hospital. (Photo by Tan Qi) 

According to the arrangement, 2 categories and 8 subcategories of the disposable non-biodegradable plastic products included in the "List of Banning the Sale and Use of Disposable Non-biodegradable Plastic Products in Hainan Province (First Batch)",such as plastic bags and eating utensils, are banned in the above-mentioned industries and places, to reject "white pollution" in the form of a negative list.

Up to now, the pilot units that have used alternatives are as follows:

Five Hospitals: including Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Haikou Fourth People's Hospital, Haikou Fifth People's Hospital, etc.

Seven canteens of government agencies: including the Guoxing office area and the Haifu office area of Hainan Provincial Government, Hainan Municipal government, etc.

Supermarkets: Hefeng Jiang'an Supermarket has begun to use and sell the alternatives.

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