Discovering Mysteries E13: Snakes
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In the dense jungle

it moves as if it were on flat ground

this is the Bronzeback Tree Snake

moving through the forest is its specialty

in the sunshine

the peacock blue tint on the side of its body is especially enchanting


Compared to the Bronzeback Tree Snake,

this snake prefers to stay on the ground

the seemingly fairly low-key Common Wolf Snake

is frequently sighted in the low elevation nature reserve,

as well as in the surrounding area

it poses no threat to people or livestock


With similar alternating black and white markings

the name of the Many-Banded Krait is feared far and wide

this one is still immature

its back shows the clear edges

of a row of hexagonal scales - an identifying feature

as it matures, the white mark on the underside of the

Many-Banded Kraits head will fade

but his venomous nature will not

this is Mainland Chinas 4th most venomous snake


In the moonlight

dew cools the summer night

the local residentsbecome active

the Bamboo Pit Viper lives in the underbrush

the snakes emerald green scales perfectly match the surrounding environment

but the scarlet tail signals danger


It coils into a figure 8

waiting to spring into action

now and then, fangs dripping with venom appear

A Marbled Pigmy Frog appears in the snakes field of view

facing off against this expert leaper


becomes a difficult challenge


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