Lawson to open its first store in Hainan in October
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Convenience store chain Lawson in Japan. [Photo/]

On July 31, Lawson Co., Ltd. of Japan signed a regional licensing contract with Hainan Qingzi Industrial Co., Ltd. in Haikou, Hainan, which also marked the official arrival of the world-famous convenience store chain Lawson in Hainan. The first Lawson store is expected to open in Haikou in October this year. Motonobu Miyake, CEO of Lawson (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said that, since last year, after receiving the invitation of the Hainan Provincial Government to enter the Hainan market, Lawson has completed discussions and preparations of their regional authorized mode, and finally made this decision. According to the company, with the active support of the local government, Lawson will accelerate their store opening pace and store operations in the future, and plans to open about 20 stores in Hainan within this year, as well as achieving the target of opening 300 stores within three years.


Motonobu Miyake, CEO of Lawson (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is confident of the brand entering Hainan.

At present, Lawson has opened more than 2,700 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places. After its first store opens in Hainan, they will offer fresh food products including lunch boxes, rice balls, and cakes available in Lawson stores, while Lawson is also considering featuring Hainan local specialty food products to meet consumersneeds as well as promoting local Hainan products in other areas of China.

Both parties signed the regional licensing contract.

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