Sanya benchmarks intl standards for super yacht homeport
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Sanya Central Business District and global luxury yacht leader Burgess held a conference on July 28, exchanging ideas on topics like the development strategy of super yachts in Sanya and the construction of a super yacht homeport in the tropical city.

Local enterprises in the cruise and yacht industry in the Greater Sanya Area, such as the Sanya Banshan Bandao Sailing Port, the Visun Royal Yacht Club, and the Clear Water Bay Yacht Club, were invited to participate through a video conference with officials from Burgess. 

"It's amazing to see that the yacht industry in Sanya is developing so fast. After the details are perfected, a group of super yachts will be arranged to come to Sanya," according to an official from Burgess.

Burgess is one of the leading companies in the international super yacht industry. Its services involve super yacht sales, leasing, management, and consulting, covering yachts ranging from 30 meters to over 100 meters in length.

During the conference, Hu Xiaoming, a counselor from the Sanya Central Business District Administration Bureau, introduced the preferential policies of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the super yacht industry development strategy formulated by Sanya Central Business District. 

Since the beginning of this year, to seize the opportunity of Hainan Free Trade Port construction, the Sanya Central Business District Administration Bureau has formulated an implementation plan to support cruise yacht industry development in Sanya and implementation rules on accelerating the development of the cruise ship and yacht industry.

At present, many yacht companies like Ferretti Group Asia Pacific Ltd and Seastar Yacht Group, which are among the top 10 yacht manufacturers in the world, have showed intentions to settle in Sanya after more than 10 cruise yacht companies have settled in the city.

A cruise vessel berths at a port in Sanya. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

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