Wanning welcomes tourist teams across the country
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Aerial photography of Wanning Shimei Bay Tourist Highway. Photo shot by reporter Liu Yang

"It's a perfect place with sunshine and beaches," said Shen Zhu.In Wanning Riyue Bay,Shen Zhu, a tourist from Qingdao,rented a surfboard from the surf club and paddled into the sea. In the hot summer noon, there are still many surfers on the sea of ​​Riyue Bay. They came here admiringly from all over the country.

Aerial photography of Wanning Liulianling Revolutionary Site. Photo shot by reporter Liu Yang

Wanning has unique natural conditions to promote the integrated development of "sports + tourism". The sea area of Riyue Bay has long been favored by the national surfing team. In March 2017, the Management Center of Water Sports of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Wanning Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the national surfing team winter training base. The largest domestic surfing training base is deeply rooted in Wanning Riyue Bay. It has highlighted the influence of Wanning Riyue Bay, which has gradually developed into a famous surfing destination in China.

Aerial photography of Wanning Dongshanling. Photo by reporter Liu Yang

The Riyue Bay Surfing Base has been recognized by the General Administration of Sport of China, the World Tourism Council, the world's two major surfing associations (ISA and APS), world-class surfers, and famous world surfing brands. The relevant person in charge of Wanning’s Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film, and Sports Bureau stated that in recent years, Wanning has strived to become a water sports city to create a sports tourism demonstration city. 

Wanning Shimei Bay. Photo shot by reporter Li Hao

"Sports + tourism" not only allows Wanning to stand out but also promotes tourism consumption and stimulates Wanning's development vitality.

Wanning Shimei Bay. Photo shot by reporter Li Hao

In the next step, Wanning will rely on its rich marine resources to build many projects with distinctive characteristics and accumulate rich experience in hosting various large-scale events.

Tourists overlook the city of Wanning from Dongshanling. Photo shot by reporter Li Hao

The national COVID-19 fighters and reporters and editors from key online media across the country who attend the "Natural Oxygen Bar, Healthy Hainan" -- 2020 National Epidemic Fighters’ Tour in Hainan and the Promotion Activity of Hainan Free Trade Port to National Key Online Media, plan to go to Qionghai, Wanning, Wuzhishan, Baoting, Sanya and other cities and counties to experience Hainan’s coastal resorts, hot springs, beautiful villages, tropical rain forests, and other tourism products on the spot. Hainan is accelerating the vigorous vitality of building a free trade port, an ecological island, a healthy island, and a longevity island.

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