Second "Yangpu Port, China" Ship to be delivered on July 15
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin / 07 14,2020 16:38:00 / others

After the delivery of "Cosco Shipping Xing Wang", the first ship registered at China's Yangpu Port on June 12, the construction progress of the second ship "Cosco Shipping Peng Cheng" is being accelerated, which is expected to be delivered on July 15.

"The second ship ‘Cosco Shipping Peng Cheng’ has completed ship registration," said Shao Jinning, Director of Shipping Industry Project Development Office of Yangpu Economic Development Zone, adding that it is expected that 20 ships (with a total load of more than 2 million tons) will be registered at Yangpu by the end of this year.

Shao also said that with the joint efforts of the Office and Yangpu International, they are actively contacting with the Baltic International Shipping Trade Union and other institutions to further enhance the international reputation of the "China Yangpu Port" as a home port, to attract more international ships to register with "China Yangpu Port".

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