Hainan's key projects completed investment of over 30 billion yuan in the first half of the year
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin / 07 10,2020 16:32:00 / others

According to Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission on July 9, the provincial key projects have completed the investment of 30.8 billion yuan as of July 5 this year, a completion rate of 45%. Among them, 15 projects have been started, an operation rate of 75%, exceeding the scheduled progress, and 2 projects have been completed.

In June, there were 26 newly started projects with a total investment of over 100 million yuan, and the total investment accounted for 18.2 billion yuan. At present, the operating rate of key provincial projects has reached 75%, 37 percentage points higher than the first half of last year. The top five cities and counties with high investment completion rate of the provincial key projects are Baoting, Sanya, Qionghai, Lingshui, and Haikou.

Aerial view of the second-phase expansion project of Haikou Meilan Airport.

In 2020, Hainan has arranged 105 provincial key projects, with a total investment of 377.2 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 67.7 billion yuan. Among them, there are 34 projects in three leading industries with a total investment of 146.1 billion yuan.

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