Discovering Mysteries E09: One Tree, One World
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Discovering Mysteries E09: One Tree, One World

Walking through the rainforest
a barb covered branch sways in the wind
this Harvestman Spider makes a leisurely turn
it doesn’t realize that danger is drawing near
the next second 
he is captured by a Grass Lizard

In this tree there is both strife and symbiotic life
this Banyan Tree, or Strangler Fig, reminds us that we are in a tropical rainforest
the tree’s aerial roots are well developed
in the rainforest, one Banyan Tree can form a whole forest
the roots wrap around rocks, and branch off in every direction

If you look closely
you’ll see that inside the Banyan Tree there is another, different tree
and the relationship of the two trees
is not as sweet and tender as it appears
this network of roots is drawing every last bit of nutrition out of the tree trunk
emerald green moss grows in a row on the Banyan Tree
the Wax Plant sways gracefully
its dark red seed pods attract bustling swarms of Red Bugs
orchids nestle on the tree trunks
together with Bird’s Nest Ferns, they create a vibrant, natural hanging garden

At night
the Wolf Spider clutches its egg sack and hides in the tree’s crevices
the Gecko has also laid her eggs here
they are neighbors
this Assassin Bug is hiding behind a layer of dirt
these little creatures are all going about their business

The Banyan Tree
has strangled the tree beneath
giving rise to an all-new scene of flourishing life

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