High-quality beef from Australia to be sold in Hainan
News source:hiHainan / By Jin Nannan, Gan Zixin, Zheng G / 07 04,2020 16:51:30 / Focus on Hainan

On July 2, the first batch of zero-tariff live cattle that Hainan Huaao Fresh Cattle Company imported from Australia has arrived in Hainan. From July 4, the cattle will be sold in Carrefour and other supermarkets in Hainan. Local residents can buy more affordable and high-quality imported beef in Hainan. 

According to the head of Carrefour supermarket in Hainan, the price of the local beef is about 136 yuan per kilogram. Due the zero-tariff policy, the price of the imported beef is lower than before, which will decrease the cost and make the imported beef more affordable.

"About 130kg of Australian beef has arrived at our supermarket today. The beef is in short supply and it was sold out within less than 30 minutes. Due to the great demand of the beef, we will restock the beef for about 1,000kg tomorrow," said Wang Bo, Head of Fresh Division in Carrefour, Hongcheng Lake in Haikou.

On July 4, the imported beef from Australia is sold in Carrefour of Haikou. The demand is exceeding supply. [Photo/ Zheng Guangping]

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