Enjoy the beauty of intangible cultural heritage in Qiongzhong
News source:hihainan / By Jin Nannan / 06 28,2020 17:10:16 / Focus on Hainan

Located in the center of Hainan province, Qiongzhong is famous for its picturesque landscape and comfortable climate.

As an autonomous county of Li and Miao ethnic minority groups in Hainan, Qiongzhong boasts various cultural resources especially intangible cultural heritage. The Li and Miao people in Qiongzhong usually wear elaborate costumes, and enjoy delicious food.

During Duanwu Festival, hostess Qing Lin wore traditional costume of Miao ethnic minority group, made and tasted delicious zongzi in a way of Qiongzhong style. Qing Lin made zongzi by wrapping glutinous rice and different fillings in bamboo leaves, and boiling the zongzi for several hours.

Peel the bamboo leaves and enjoy the delicious Qiongzhong style zongzi in a cozy and quiet natural environment.

Welcome to Qiongzhong to have a wonderful experience!

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