Hollywood actor Ji Feilong contributes to building Hainan FTP in solidarity with overseas Chinese
News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin / 06 26,2020 13:31:00 / others

On June 24, Ji Feilong, a Hollywood-based Chinese actor and producer, as well as the executive vice chairman of AmCham Hainan(China), and the vice president and secretary general of the Hainan Business Association in America, was invited to attend the inaugural meeting of the Hainan Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China held in Haikou, and was elected as a member of the council.

Ji Feilong appeared in "The Grandmaster", a well-known film by Director Wong Kar-wai from Hong Kong, China. He also starred in the film "The Twins’ Code" and was invited to participate in the 64th Berlin International Film Festival as the main creator of the film. A short video starring the actor Ji Feilong was shown at Time Square in New York.

As a Hollywood-based filmmaker who comes from Hainan, Ji Feilong has been devoted his efforts to promoting Chinese culture in the form of film and television arts. At the same time, as a representative of overseas Hainanese, he has been invited to return to Hainan to participate in international cultural exchanges and public welfare activities for several times. After being elected as a member of the Hainan Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, Ji Feilong said that he will contribute to the great cause of the reunification of the motherland and the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

At the meeting, Ji Feilong presented his calligraphy and painting works, the "Flying Chinese Dragon", as a gift to the council. He explained that his name contains the Chinese character of dragon, which is a cultural symbol and emotional bond of the Chinese nation generally recognized by Chinese people at home and abroad.

Since last year, Ji Feilong has participated in the production and filming of several movies and television dramas, and attended the first Hainan Island International Film Festival as a guest. He is currently planning to produce "Home Operation", China’s first movie on the evacuation of overseas Chinese, and he is the executive producer and stars in the movie.

As the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port is in full swing, Ji Feilong believes that Hainan's film and television industry and cultural development have also ushered in unprecedented opportunities to carry out in-depth cooperation in all fields with filmmakers from all over the world, so as to build Hainan into a world-class new film creation base and cultural industry base by relying on the platform advantages of the Hainan Island International Film Festival.

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