Have a nice trip and enjoy these beautiful villages in Hainan
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Hainan's 154 Coconut-Level rural tourist spots are distributed in cities and counties across the island. Follow in the footsteps of the 2020 (8th) Hainan Rural Tourism Culture Festival, take a trip with family members and friends, and spend the Duanwu Festival in these beautiful villages together!

1. Haikou Shiwaitaoyuan Leisure and Health Spot (Duncha Village)

Address: Duncha Village, Jiuzhou Town, Qiongshan District, Haikou City

2. Haikou Fengtang Green Park (Fengtang Village)

Address: Fengtang Village, Yongxing Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City

3. Haikou Lianlizhi Fishing Resort (Shanweitou Village)

Address: Shanweitou Village, Yanfeng Town, Haikou City

4. Sanya Village Tourist Spot in Zhongliao Village (Zhongliao Village)

Address: Zhongliao Village, Jiyang District, Sanya City

5. Sanya Baolong National Forest Park (Baolong Village)

Address: Near Baolong Forest Farm, Tianya District, Sanya City

6. Sanya Yalong Bay Homestay Village Tourist Spot (Bohou Village)

Address: Bohou Village, Jiyang District, Sanya City

7. Danzhou Wuji Village Rural Tourist Spot (Wuji Village)

Address: Wuji Village, Nada Town, Danzhou City

8. Danzhou Shiwu Village Tourist Spot (Shiwu Village)

Address: Shiwu Village, Nada Town, Danzhou City

9. Qionghai Nanqiang Village Tourist Spot (Nanqiang Village)

Address: Nanqiang Village, Boao Town, Qionghai City (by Wanquan River)

10. Qionghai Beiwen Village Rural Tourist Spot (Beijing Village)

Address: Guantang Village Committee, Jiaji Town, Qionghai City

11. Qionghai Shamei Village Rural Tourism Spot (Shamei Village)

Address: Shamei Village, Boao Town, Qionghai City (Near East Line of National Highway 223)

12. Chengmai Fufeng Yueting Ancient Town Tourist Spot (Dafeng Village)

Address: Dafeng Village, Fufeng Yueting Ancient Town, Chengmai County

13. Chengmai Houchen Coffee Cultural Village (Houchen Village)

Address: Houchen Village, Fushan Town, Chengmai County (Exit of Expressway)

14. Lingshui Dali Ecological Village Tourist Spot (Shipo Village and Xiaomei Village)

Address: Shipo Village and Xiaomei Village, Benhao Town, Lingshui County

15. Baoting Yuanzhen Shenyu Cultural Park (Maozhen Village)

Address: Yuanzhen Lake, Xiangshui Town, Baoting County

16. Wenchang Longquan Township Rural Tourism Area (Hulu Village)

Address: Dazhipo Exit of Haiwen Expressway, Donglu Town, Wenchang City

17. Wenchang Haosheng Aerospace Farm (Haosheng Village)

Address: Haosheng Village, Longlou Town, Wenchang City

18. Ledong Jianfeng Yelinwan Farmhouse (Jianfeng Town)

Address: Rear Wall of the Force Management Area of Jianfeng Town, Ledong County

19. Qiongzhong Yunhu Rural Tourist Area (Xinzhai Village)

Address: Team 4, Changzheng Town, Qiongzhong County

20. Qiongzhong Shihan Limiao Cottage (Shihan Village)

Address: Shihan Village, Hongmao Town, Qiongzhong County

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