Dragon Boat Festival | A bite of Hainan Zongzi
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This Duanwu Festival, HIMC guest host Sarah Sinskie introduces customs and background of this traditional festival. She also has some delicious zongzi in the program. Let's check out what she said!

Sarah Sinskie, HIMC guest host, introduces traditional Chinese festival, Duanwu Festival

1. Haikou Vanilla Zongzi

Different from traditional Zongzi, the Vanilla Zongzi gives off fragrance of vanilla which can reduce the greasy taste. The Vanilla Zongzi is considered as a model and representative of Haikou rice dumplings.

2.Chengmai Ruixi Zongzi

The fresh scent of banana leaves and mellow aroma of pork and salted duck eggs give special flavors to Chengmai Ruixi Zongzi.

3. Ding’an Black Pork Zongzi

Ding'an Black Pork Zongzi is filled with pork from Hainan’s famous organic Hainan black pigs with a chewier texture and a stronger flavor, not greasy but delicious.

4. Danzhou Luoji Zongzi

A variety of fillings, including fatty pork, lean meat, pork belly, chicken, salted duck eggs and also shredded squid, give Danzhou Luoji Zongzi a unique and rich flavor.

5. Qionghai Dalu Zongzi

Speaking of Qionghai, the more famous rice dumpling is Dalu Zongzi. It is filled with the beef marinated in more than ten kinds of spices and salted duck eggs, which tastes tender and flavorful.

6. Wanning Hele Zongzi

The glutinous rice in the raw materials of Wanning Hele Zongzi is slightly salty and nutritious. The fillings of traditional black pork as well as Hele green crab, Gangbei prawn and Longgun pineapple, add some authentic and local flavors to the dumplings.

7.Sanya Danjia Zongzi

The collected leaves are boiled and dried to make rice dumplings, wrapped with glutinous rice, pork, dried shrimps, salted duck eggs, etc. After being cooked in the pot for about 10 hours, the Zongzi is flavorful and tasty.

8. The Li People’s Three-Color Zongzi

The Li People’s Three-Color Zongzi with the rice colored with black, red and yellow is one of special cuisines of the Li and Miao people in Hainan. The people use the yellow gingers, chinese fevervine herbs and vine leaves to extract colorful juices with which to dye the local Shanlan Rice. The dumplings are also stuffed with black pork.

Recommended Zongzi-mate

Due to the glutinous rice that may not be easy to digest and the greasy fillings, you may want to have some drink after enjoying a bite of delicious Zongzi. Following are three drinks that could be the ideal Zongzi-mates to help digest and neutralize the greasy.

Aged salt lemonade

Partridge tea

Coconut juice

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