Video | "I Want to Visit Hainan": Special reports of Hainan International Media Center
News source:hiHainan / By Hainan International Media Center / 06 02,2020 14:54:01 / others

On June 1, the Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan was officially released! The Plan proposes meeting high level international trade regulations, focusing on making commercial investment more free and convenient, setting up a system of policies suitable for a high level Free Trade Port, and establishing an internationally competitive and influential special customs administrative area, making the Hainan Free Trade Port a brightly shining, leading beacon and a major gateway for China’s new age of opening up to the world.


A completely open new Hainan is sure to attract investment, travelers, and new residents to this beautiful island. Today, the Hainan International Media Center is launching “I Want to Visit Hainan— an interactive online portal for people around the world to express their true feelings about the Hainan Free Trade Port. 32 people from 26 countries on 5 continents have expressed their best wishes and heartfelt hopes for the Hainan Free Trade Port in their own words.

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