Video|Expat hopes to see the development of Hainan FTP
News source:hihainan / By Jin Nannan, Han Xing, Chen Yuanneng / 05 22,2020 15:56:00 / Focus on Hainan

On May 22, the third session of the 13th National People's Congress is held in Beijing. As the annual legislative and political advisory sessions in China, people around the country focus on the significant two sessions.

“I look forward to seeing the leaders continue to emphasize and support the growth of Hainan as a free trade port in China. Given the pandemic situation, it can be a difficult time worldwide. I expect more ideas on how to overcome these challenges to be put forward during the two sessions,” said Tim Stephen, director of International Primary Clinic in Haikou People's Hospital. As an American doctor, Tim has paid great attention to the development of Hainan ever since the day he started to work here. What insights will he share about the two sessions and Hainan free trade port? Let’s click the video and check it out!

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