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The construction of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics is a significant move for China's opening up to the outside world. Numerous foreigners have come to Hainan and settled down in this international tropical island in the past two years.
Special reports of Foreigners in Hainan · I'm waiting for you in Hainan Free Trade Port planned by Hainan International Media Center (HIMC), hihainan.info, will tell the stories of foreigners living and working in Hainan from the perspective of our foreign guest hosts. The program aims to share Hainan's stories with the people around the world, and connect China with other countries of the globe.

Lara: Hi everyone! Today we are here with Vamsi Krishna. Vamsi, could you introduce yourself to us?

Vamsi: Hi, my name is Vamsi, and I come from Hyderabad, India. It’s a city located in south India, and it is famous for IT industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Lara: OK, and how long have you been in Hainan?

Vamsi: Actually, not very long ago. I came to Hainan last year.

Lara: Alright, as an international registration manager, can you tell us the details and the responsibilities of your work in Hainan?

Vamsi: Sure. My job is to register the company’s products in different countries. Because each country has different systems to approve the medicine, we have to provide the documents and we call the documents as dossier. Before they approve our medicine or accept our medicine, we will collect the documents and we arrange them according to the particular country requirements and share it with them, then the health authorities of the particular country will review our dossiers and they will give the approval. After getting the approval we can commercialize our product. The fact here is each country has it’s own regulations and requirements, and I am well versed with the regulations of different countries, like the U.S. and European countries. So we will compile the dossier first and submit it to the health authorities and we will get the approval. So these are my job responsibilities.

Vamsi Krishna is working as an international registration manager in Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutic Co.,Ltd. [Photo/Wu Xingcai]

Lara: And what would you say the most challenging part of your job?

Vamsi: Since every country has different regulations to approve medicine, and the regulations keep updating, as an international registration manager, I have to check the regulations and the expectations of different countries. So I have to keep checking the updates of the countries' health authorities websites, and prepare the dossier that they need. And I think that’s the most challenging part of my job.

Lara: And we heard that the Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Company has made great progress in peptide products, can you introduce the functions of these medicine?

Vamsi: Actually, this kind of medicine takes a long time to develop, which has taken more than 24 years. The medicine like thymopentin, thymalfasin and atosiban and so on are the products that we have produced. We take thymopentin for example, it’s a kind of medicine that is good for humans' immune systems. Thymopentin not only played an important role in the previous SARS period, but also works during the present pandemic period. In addition, we provide many this kind of products for many countries in the world during this epidemic period in order to help them fight against the coronavirus. We also sent our products to many hospitals in China. We did this, because we want to shoulder our social responsibilities.

Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutic Company provided medicine like thymopentin for overseas countries during the pandemic period. [Photo provided by Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutic Co.,Ltd]

Lara: What opportunities will Hainan Free Trade Port provide for the pharmaceutical industry in Hainan? 

Vamsi: Well, I have heard the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port after coming here, and the Free Trade Port will definitely provide great opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry in Hainan. Because pharmaceutical companies need to ship their products to different countries. We can ship our medicine by air, but that is too expensive, and impossible for some areas. So I think the Free Trade Port is going to help the pharmaceutical industries in shipping. Because we can ship the medicine by sea, which will help decrease the cost. Due to this, we can transport our products to more overseas countries and cure more patients. And we can sell the products at lower prices owning to the low cost, and more patients can afford to buy them.

Vamsi believes that the Hainan Free Trade Port will bring many opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry in Hainan.[Photo/ Wu Xingcai]

Lara: So from today’s interview, we learn that the Hainan Free Trade Port not only provides career opportunities for global talents but also offers an excellent platform to some professional research in particular fields.

Vamsi: Yes. So I welcome all young entrepreneurs to Hainan Free Trade Port. Plenty of opportunities are here in Hainan.

Lara&Vamsi: We are waiting for you at Hainan Free Trade port!

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