Vlog|Shopping and eating as the epidemic waned in Hainan
News source:hihainan / By Jin Nannan / 03 27,2020 15:09:00 / Focus on Hainan

Ever since the work resumption, public places have been reopened to the public. HIMC reporter visits a shopping mall and a night market in Haikou. Being quarantined at home for such a long time, people can’t wait to go outside and go shopping with their friends. The shopping mall is not as crowded as usual, and people still need to have their temperature checked before entering. In addition, people are allowed to take off masks and have food in the restaurants.

People are required to have temperature checked before entering the shopping mall.

People need to wear masks when visiting the night market. Diverse restaurants are reopened to the public and a wide rang of delicious snacks are provided for customers. Most of the people would buy food takeaway rather than eat in the night market, which is more safe and convenient.

People order takeaway food in the night market.

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