A total of 1507 overseas arrivals put under home quarantine in Hainan as of Mar.22
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On March 23, Hainan Provincial COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued the "Further Notice on the strict management of Overseas arrivals in Hainan" and responded to social concerns on the issues of home quarantine policy.

1.Current quarantine policy for the overseas arrivals in Hainan

From March 16th, all personnel entering Hainan from abroad should be sent to the designated places for 14-day centralized quarantine and medical observation. For elderly people aged 70 years and over, children, pregnant women, and patients with underlying diseases who are not suitable for centralized observation, if they have a separate residence and there are no other co-residents in the residence, they can undergo home quarantine for medical observation after strict assessment by the municipal and prefectural headquarters.

2.Requirement for home quarantine personnel

The home quarantine measure requires one person per household in principle. If the personnel needs to be accompanied during home quarantine, one caretaker is allowed. Neither the caretaker nor the personnel under medical observation can leave the house. During the home quarantine, they should wear masks and stay in different rooms to reduce contact.

3. Infection prevention and control requirements for family members of home quarantine personnel

(1) Wear surgical masks.

(2) Keep the room ventilated.

(3) Try not to enter the room of the quarantine personnel.

(4) Keep a social distance of at least 1 meter when communicating with or providing items to the quarantine personnel at home.

(5) Pay attention to hand hygiene. In principle, if you touch the items in the quarantine room, you should disinfect your hands before washing them. Do not share dining utensils and other items with the quarantine person.

4.Nucleic acid testing for the home quarantine personnel

As of March 22, there are a total of 1,507 personnel who returned to Hainan from abroad put under home quarantine. Among them, 543 people who could not meet the requirements of one person per household and 14-day quarantine period, have all received nucleic acid tests, and the test results are all negative. The provincial headquarters requires that home quarantine personnel who have been tested for nucleic acids and their roommates continue to implement strict home quarantine measures until the expiration of the quarantine period.

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