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News / By Ding Xin / 03 13,2020 16:04:30 / Culture & Travel

The details of the holiday arrangements for the Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in 2020 are as follows.

Qingming Festival: April 4-6, a total of 3 days.

Labor Day: May 1st to 5th, a total of 5 days. Citizens need to go to work on April 26 (Sunday) and May 9 (Saturday).

Dragon Boat Festival: June 25 to 27, a total of 3 days. Citizens need to go to work on Sunday, June 28.

National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival: October 1-8, a total of 8 days. Citizens need to go to work on September 27 (Sunday) and October 10 (Saturday).

Citizens are requested to arrange work and life in advance and pay attention to personal safety during the festival, such as reducing the times of going out, wearing masks, avoiding party and group activities. May citizens have a safe and sound holiday.

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