Hainan's average life expectancy expected to exceed 82 years by 2030
News source:hihainan.info / By Chen Shumin / 03 13,2020 14:52:47 / Culture & Travel

On March 12, the press conference on the interpretation of the "Implementation Plan of Healthy Hainan Movement" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan") was held in Hainan. The Plan requires Hainan authorities to carry out 18 health promotion special operations with the theme of increasing the average life expectancy, improving Hainan's medical and public health services, so as to build an ecological, healthy and longevous island. It is estimated that the average life expectancy of Hainan Province will exceed 82 years by 2030.

The aged have a leisurely life in the countryside of Hainan. (Photo by Wang Jun/Hainan Daily)。

The Plan requires to highlight the characteristics of Hainan to build a world-level healthy island with a natural ecological environment, advanced medical security, first-class public health foundation and better management services, in order to achieve the goal of improving people's livelihood. On the basis of making full use of the natural environment, Hainan will adopt effective strategies to achieve higher health performance at a lower cost and solve the current health problems of Hainan residents in various ways.

The Plan also requires to extensively improve the quality of healthy Hainan movement. Health industry promotion operations have been added to create a leading industry that promotes the Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port to achieve higher levels of openness across the island. The medical services and capabilities should be improved, by vigorously introducing domestic high-quality medical resources, accelerating the projects of telemedicine, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and smart hospitals, as well as exploring new models of medical service with artificial intelligence to assist decision-making, blockchain and other technologies. Traditional Chinese medicine will play a role in disease treatment, disease prevention and control, and characteristic rehabilitation.

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