Vlog | A Korean family in Haikou: We hope the epidemic will be over soon
News source:hiHainan / By Jin Nannan / 03 13,2020 20:13:00 / Life

As the COVID-19 is spreading around the world, many countries are suffering from the epidemic especially in the Republc of Korea. Yuri Hong, a student from Korea, is studying in Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School and she has been living in Haikou with her family members for four years.

During the epidemic period, Yuri is quite concerned about her friends and family in her own country and she advises the people to wear masks when they go outside.

Recently, Yuri has organized a donation activity, raising medical materials such as masks, goggles and protective suites in South Korea and sending them to Haikou. “As a high school student, I want to do something for China and I want to show people that people all over the world will face the epidemic altogether,” said Yuri.

Yuri lives in Hainan with her mother and her brother. 


Yuri studies online at home during the epidemic period.

Yuri organized a donation activity during the epidemic period. 

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