Foreigners in Hainan | Lara: Hainan is like a home to me
News source:hihainan / By Xu Shenglan, Jin Nannan, Li Hao / 03 08,2020 14:41:29 / Foreigners in Hainan

Lara Netherlands, from South Africa, is an English teacher living in Haikou. Lara spends six years in Fiji island when she was a little girl. Being similar to Fiji island, Hainan is also a tropical island with beautiful beaches, sea and sunny weather. Therefore, Lara fell in love with Hainan when she first came here.

Now Lara is teaching children English in Haikou and she enjoys getting along with kids. “I’ve gained a lot of benefits from working with children, because I think kids’ vivid imagination is precious and that greatly inspires me,”said Lara. She regards children as her friends. She likes to teach children and learn from them as well.

During the epidemic period, Lara got more time to read and write and she received numerous care from her friends, which makes her quite touching. Inspired by the people around her, Lara adds others’ experience to her stories. “I’m so grateful that I have time to create and hone my writing skills, I hope to grow during this time,”she said.

Lara is teaching children English. [Photo/ Li Hao]

Lara enjoys music and art performance. [Photo/ Li Hao]

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