A Canadian's special winter holiday in Shimei Bay, Hainan
News source:hiHainan / By Xu Shenglan, Jin Nannan, Li Hao / 02 27,2020 22:08:00 / Focus on Hainan

"I came to Shimei Bay with my wife every winter after retirement. We enjoy riding bikes, spending time on the beach and the good weather and scenery here," Glen Featherstone who comes from Canada said to the reporters.

Attracted by the picturesque landscape of Wanning, Hainan, Glen spends his winter in Shimei Bay and has a good time with his family members every year.

"The other day when I was about to go outside in the morning, I found some policemen were downstairs and they told me that the area would be blocked for a few days, because a couple living in this area were confirmed as the COVID-19 cases," said Glen as he recalls the process of the epidemic outbreak in his living place.

"The initial three days were quite busy, because I had to clean my house thoroughly, which was quite time-consuming," he said. When it comes to the control and prevention measures that have been taken in his community, Glen said that tissues were provided in the elevators for people to press the bottoms. As a foreigner, Glen can speak little Chinese, which makes it hard for him to communicate with the staff during the special period.

Mr. Shi, the senior officer of Xinmei police station in Wanning, provided a helping hand for Glen when he was under medical observation at home. He sent masks, alcohol and other control and prevention materials to Glen, which makes Glen touched.

"All the staff like delivery people and policemen did very excellent job during this period. Staying at home for about 14 days, my life went on smoothly because of their warm help," said Glen with a smile.

On February 19th, Glen wrote appreciation letters to the Wanning municipal government, Xinmei police station and the property management company through WeChat, expressing his great appreciation for the help they offered. "The response is very swift and effective, and I don't think anything could be done better in any other places," Glen said. He believes that the local staff deserve compliment.

"What I miss most is to go outside. I want to visit more places in Wanning and I also want to visit Sanya and Haikou," said Glen when asked the thing he wants to do most after the epidemic.

As a foreigner, Glen told the reporter that Wanning is the top place to live due to its good weather, the unique landscape and friendly people.

Security guard is checking temperature for Glen. [Photo/ Li Hao]
Glen shares his special experience in Hainan with reporters. [Photo/ Li Hao]
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