Maltese Ambassador to China firmly believes China will defeat the epidemic
News / By Chen Shumin / 02 27,2020 17:17:00 / others

The Maltese people are much concerned about Chinese people's fighting against the COVID-19. On February 21, John Aquilina, Maltese Ambassador to China, extended greetings to the Chinese people on behalf of all the staff of Malta's embassy in Beijing and the consulate general in Shanghai.

The ambassador said: “I extend sincere condolence to the families and friends of those who passed away from us, and I also extend heartfelt best wishes for quick recovery to those who are still affected by the sickness. We want you to know we are thinking of you. We want you to know we are 100 percent behind you.”

“We also think of the frontline workers, doctors, nurses, transport workers, and all those people putting themselves in harms way in order that this virus may have a minimal impact,” said John Aquilina, adding that he understood it was not easy for many people to leave their families behind in far parts of China to go to the trouble centers.

A just cause will attract much support. Chinese people amid this outbreak have received the support from many countries around the world, including the support from the Maltese people.

China assisted Malta in investment and infrastructure projects when Malta became a newly independent country. The two countries have also maintained good political relations. In addition to the political level, great progress has been made in the cultural exchanges between the two sides in recent years.

The ambassador expressed that Malta would stand with China with solidarity, shoulder to shoulder. He firmly believes that China will overcome the epidemic. “We know China is strong, we know people in China are strong,” he said.

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